Pixel Punch update(s)

8 01 2011

Pixel punch projects:

Xayden/Mike is still working on the game. Check out his progress!

Thymine is still working on that animation.  She also finally got a MGB, but is still looking for a dmg.

Both are learning FamiTracker, (Thymine did a very plain cover of Kraid’s Lair from Metroid, found here: [x]).

M also got Thymine a screen printing kit for Christmas!

Thymine has been scared to screen print for awhile due to what happened her last year in Davis, but is trying to get over it for the good of Pixel Punch!

So, out came the screen printing book.

Printing on mylar/transparency is probably the better choice to get the perfect lines for sharp edges like these hearts, but PP are two poor college students, who ran out of ink :,(.  So, rubylith is was! It’s a bit off, so Thymine will probably have to fix it and do it a third time.

And remember to have the shiny side down! otherwise you’ll be saying:

because that’s not the side you’re supposed to be cutting & scrapping (which Thymine forgot about after a year & a half of not screen printing).


Ready to Start

3 01 2011

Happy New Year from Pixel Punch!


Thymine took a break from cute-doodles. Work in progress.  (Boys, especially Xayden, are hard to draw.)


Dating a female gamer 101 – Cha For Tea

30 12 2010

She might do this… but can you blame her?

Perhaps you should have more confidence in yourself & maybe also trust her.

BTW, the dude was playing Black-Ops…just so you know…



Two birds with…one bullet…

28 12 2010

Those times you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in (or could care less), and your friend/bestfriend/significant other/the person next to you/etc feels the same way.

Might as well save on bullets & just share one!

More BG stills

28 12 2010

Animation still previews

22 12 2010

With finals over, PixP has time to do some work.

Thymine is working on an animation/trailer for their comic!

It probably wont be done before the Holidays, but hopefully by the New Year!

Here’s a little background to the story:

By day Pixel Punch is a Chiptune band, by night they’re kicking some zombie butt!

Btw, the mini comics posted here are just side/daily adventures not related to any zombie demise.

Happy Holidays!

Did you know?

13 12 2010

Mike/Xayden is working on a little Pixel Punch game?  Well he is! and he’s been working hard! There’s lots of place holders right now, but Thymine has confidence in him!

Finals week! After, there shall be more Pixel Punch projects!