Trial & Error…

16 11 2010

By complete accident (from making pixel hearts for the I Heart Nerds event, to making business cards) Thymine made a Pixel Punch logo, along with brushes for it in photoshop! :

Sometimes accidents are nice! especially for those times you can’t think of an idea or design.

Thymine has also been working on business cards.  It was also one of those trial & error projects.  Here’s the business card adventure!

Start off with squares of course.

“That looks good…”

“Oh…. it’s way bigger than an average business card”

Back to the drawing board, with smaller squares this time:


This is where the business card + logo came to be.  It made sense to have two hearts, one for Mike & one for Thymine.

Thymine got dizzy doing this.

A lot more work… so Thymine decided to stop there, cut them out and then get some sleep.

Perfect! They are about the same size as a normal businesscard! They’re just a bit…different…

After, Thymine remembered she had a print-making background, and could screen-print the hearts, which would probably be faster for mass-production!  (Plus, it might look a bit cleaner than marker).

There will probably be more trial & error to come.





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