Dating a female gamer 101 – Cha For Tea

30 12 2010

She might do this… but can you blame her?

Perhaps you should have more confidence in yourself & maybe also trust her.

BTW, the dude was playing Black-Ops…just so you know…




Less than three

7 12 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…er…and then some.

I guess you can…

24 11 2010

With creepiness & awkwardness aside, Mike eventually asked Thymine to come meet his family & be “American” for Thanksgiving.

And here’s a sketch Mike did for Pixel Punch’s first comic:

Pixel Punch also went to the HK Kitty in Pink 80s prom! Thymine made fire flower “corsages” of course!:

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!